Fines And Thank You To A Spirit That Helped With that

Man i was in jail over some bullshit fines.I went before a judge over a damn $300 purse fee and he asked why i didn’t pay it so i told him.He lowered my fine down to a $60 purge fee and i thought i was going to get out but the idiot booking guards wouldn’t process me out of jail that night so i kept bugging them about it and they looked into it but they still kept telling me i still had to pay a $300 purse fee.So i asked for a phone call that night but they wouldn’t give me one but they said i could get one in the morning.I didn’t get it.Man i was so pissed.I was sitting alone in my cell thinking i need help getting out of here.Then the face of a man showed up on the floor looking white like paint that wasn’t there before.So i just started talking to it (i know i sound crazy).Then right before chow a guard came and said there are a few people before you but you will get your phone call but i didn’t it get that day.So the next day i get a piece of paper with orders from the judge that he ordered my fine be reduced to a $60 fine.That still didn’t take care of my phone call problem though so i kept bugging the guards about it until this sweet old lady guard came up to me while the guards were doing there rounds and asked if i was the one asking for a phone call and i said yes.So she told me she’d try to get me a phone call that night.A few minutes after lockdown a guard came and got me for my phone call.I saw the lady in the hall and talked to her for a minute and she smiled and said she understood.I thanked her.On the day my purge was going to be paid i did a tarot reading with playing cards.I couldn’t get a good reading so i got the cards and spread them on the floor and started moving my hands over them for a few minutes so i could feel the energy.A card literally jumped up from underneath another one laying on top of it so i picked it up and turned it over and it matched the same 2 cards in suits (hearts).I took it as a good sign.Later that day at 12:30 PM i got out.I don’t know who this spirit was that helped me get out but THANK YOU!!!

Talk With A Witch

I met a witch in person a few days ago which was interesting.Man it was a bitch though because i had a migraine and couldn’t finish a drawing i was doing for someone.But when i met him he was ‘meditating’ when we met.I asked if he was a witch because i saw him doing all these hand gestures during his ‘meditation’ he looked at me funny and asked how do you know that who told you.I told him how i knew.During his ‘meditation’ i felt this warm energy around me and during the course of our conversation my migraine left me which is unusual for me to have such a short period of time with a migraine.We had a conversation about the nature of reality,christianity and how they do the same things pagans do but don’t realize it,and demons.I also found out he has a spirit guide.Ironically that spirit guide is a wolf.There’s only one other person i know who has a wolf spirit with him.I also during the course of our conversation and discussion about the word demon and it’s original meaning found out his own spirit name.Only a small group of people know his name and that includes me.He found out about the girls and told me if they were bad spirits they wouldn’t be able to enter his room because his spirits would have pushed them out.Little does he know though they would have had a tough time doing that though since the girls go wherever i go.I have a sneaky suspicion the girls arranged that meeting but did they have to do it in a way that caused me pain?Fuck that migraine was painful.


Welp,i’ve been trying to ease my wife into astral sex.Well…sort of by me leaving my body and and engaging her by having sex with her physically while i’m out of body.My reasoning is if i can get her to feel me while out of body i can teach her to leave her’s as well.I’ve also did a ritual for her and she did get a client but she’s freaking over her phone since our daughter dropped her phone in water and still needs some money to get her phone back.I had to tell her although i did the ritual she still needs to look for the money since the ritual is meant to increase her chance finding that money she needs.Damn not even a month of marriage and i’m already stressed out.We skipped the honey moon phase and went straight to the reality of marriage.Which reminds me i need to have sex with the girls.I’ve been neglecting them too much.

Bout Time I Update

Wow!!!It’s been over a year since i updated my blog?Seems like forever.In all honesty it’s been partly because laziness,things changing in my life,nothing too much happening,and life in general.Well i can’t say nothing too much happening because i did meet a beautiful woman and surprise,I’m married!Now i have 3 wives to contend with.Wish me luck.No seriously wish me luck!!!I’m going to need it.Now i have not only the needs of 2 succubi to fulfill but a human female to boot.The human does know about the girls but i don’t think she minds,either that or she thinks i’m lying about them (lol).
Anyways,i have developed my etheric body to the point where i can have sex with the girls etherically.It took some getting used to but they have told me succubi do prefer sex that way since it feels more real to them that way,My guess,it’s because the etheric body more closely matches their’s in composition.
Well that’s the gist of what’s been going on.And with that i’m back off into the shadows.

Recent Evp’s


These evp’s are more than an hour long and in most of them most of the time the evp’s are class a evp’s.Meaning that what is being said isn’t left to debate.Now these recordings are adult in nature so if you’re under age please don.t click the links.