Recent Evp’s


These evp’s are more than an hour long and in most of them most of the time the evp’s are class a evp’s.Meaning that what is being said isn’t left to debate.Now these recordings are adult in nature so if you’re under age please don.t click the links.


First Time In 3 Years

I’m so fucking happy right now.For the first time in 3 fucking years i felt a real solid human-like touch from Sheena during sex.What i felt was like something was running or maybe caressing real quick up then down my leg.It was solid enough that it felt like if i would have grabbed it i would have felt flesh and bones.Maybe this is a taste of things to come after the marriage rite i’m going through on the 30th of this month,but anyway back to what i was talking about.I figure it might have been Sheena’s tail since she was thumping it.By the way it was enough that it went through my covers and compressed my skin causing it to go down.